Monday, September 28, 2009

Do what you want to

I am Grant McCalgan a Rhodes Journalism student from Cape Town. In life there are many people who get stuck in jobs and careers they don’t like, or they get stuck doing a degree at university that they don’t enjoy. I am not one of these people, I love what I study and I know I am going to love being a journalist. Knowledge is power, and I want to make sure that people get the power. One doesn’t need to be overly academic like when reading a philosophical thesis by Plato but one can inform the world about issues and happenings in a reader friendly way. That is what this blog intends on doing , the reader will read on because they want to. I intend on covering interesting topics of discussions within the world of journalism and the media. I have different personal and academic opinions, some say this is bad but I feel it evokes discussion. Many people would say I’m a sexist because of the things I say in classes and tutorials but I am not, i simply say these things because they bring out a discussion of a issue within our society. This holds true for many other issues. We can feel one thing personally and have a different perspective when talking about, I feel that this kind of approach brings a new dynamic to the blog. An even better example is the recent Iran nuclear crisis. I personally feel that they should not have or be building nuclear weapons, but from a discursive and journalistic point of view i don’t think that it is a problem. If certain other counties in the world are allowed nuclear weapons why shouldn’t they be allowed to. These kinds of things are just a few of the kind of topics we will attempt to cover in our blog for the readers. The log is for everyone but it will be specifically aimed at journalists or aspiring journalists. We live in a world with many different opinions on many different things, and a lot of what we read isn’t what we want to, but my blog will be a reflection. A reflection of “I read what I like, I blog what I like”

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