Friday, October 30, 2009

I dont think you know what i wrote last semester

Four people in one tutorial group get randomly put together and are told to make a blog. For any student the idea of a group project is one that brings sadness to the heart. The fighting , the lack of communication, the mismanagement that occurs. All these things generally make group projects the bane of university (after exams of course) , but every now and then it works. The group clicks and the project is good. is that group. The relaxed, informal , yet informative style is carried through by all the writers, they all seem to have the same idea with what they are doing. They are also very different people and so the posts cover a vast range of interests from anti-racism protests to the ANC’s overspending. However despite how good the writing may be the blog lacks that “excitement” readers look for; the white on black writing is difficult to read after a while and with a few of the posts being very long one tends to stop reading some way toward the end. The Name on the other hand, well “iknowwahtyouwrotelastsemester” is interesting, a nice play on the movie series “ I know what you did last summer” but that’s all its got, a decent pun. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed reading the blog, but content is all it has. Give it more life and I would want to visit it every day.

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