Friday, October 30, 2009

A Rave Review

I was quite upset as I arrived back to Grahamstown 5 weeks into the final term of the year, predominantly as I missed the major launches of the student blogs. In order to gage with the blog format I have been following mine and one other blog quite closely – Not only is this blog written by my friends, but by good stylistic writers. Rant-a-view includes articles that depict the student lifestyle perfectly, and there is even a virtual goldfish pond to keep your cursor happy. As the name of the blog suggests, there are various articles about the nuisances of varsity; such as traitorous walks up down the hill to lectures which make that five day break between weekends unbearable. I particularly enjoy the personal articles such as one of the writers’ describing how she deals with racial slurs from her friends in and out of lectures. On another hand, there are articles which celebrate this unique university experience that we live in – the parties in Grahamstown. There are reviews on parties from over the weekend as well as thoughts on future parties that will draw us away from exams. Although the writers all dwell on their own experiences, the casual yet well-written style ties all the articles into an interesting student blog. I enjoy this blog as it has a casual, quirky and playful tone that is authentically written by opinionated journalists.

But the best part is; the goldfish never die.

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