Monday, October 26, 2009

Why waste the time

Throughout the year it has always been an issue, attending lectures. Attending lectures has probably been an issue since the days of Plato’s Academy. But why wouldn’t one want to attend lectures; they are paid for, they are[somewhat]informative, and they are boring. Yes they are normally very boring. A Prime example, Philosophy ITP term one was packed every lecture (philosophy of religion was the topic), the lecturer was fun exciting, he made it interesting and we learned a lot, the fact that is was first term might have helped a bit too. Either way the lecture room was filled. Let’s look at Politics one, that was generally just boring, the whole way through, given there was the odd good week or two but that was the because the content happened to appeal to the class. In general though everything could be self-studied and all slides were put on R.U connected , so why go? This kind of thinking pretty much applies to all subjects in university. There are a few exceptions, if one does Maths or Chemistry you would have to be insanely intelligent to bunk lectures and still pass. With BA subjects however, you pretty much just need a pulse and a little work ethic to do the work, readings, tutorials and essays required on time. A lot of people aren’t ashamed that they don’t attend lectures, they feel it a waste of time, many other people think the ‘bunkers’ are just being ignorant. Either way you look at it comes down to who you are, can you self study or do you have to have the help of the lectures to get you through the course. I don’t attend many lectures.

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