Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Martian Mayhem in Moscow - The Galactic Gaffe

By Natalia Carvalho

Photograph taken from the

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

a relatively peaceful civilisation, recently plagued by the dark side, searches for a new beginning - on Earth.

Or so it seems.

As Muscovites look to the skies, the arrival of an unusual and suspect object has UFO enthusiasts scrabbling for their homemade extraterrestrial communicators. Could this really be a strange cosmic convergence of two opposing civilisations? As onlookers remain fixated on the intruding force, perhaps those creepy yet bizarrely cute green Martians, in their petite crash helmets, are at this very moment strategizing over world domination.

Who knows, behind H.G Wells’ speculation of alien invasion, there might really be a rather intriguing tripod Mothership burrowed deep beneath your house. Paranoid? Maybe. But let’s not get too excited. As much as we might be tempted to write those condescending welcome speeches, the reality is we won’t be shaking any green hands, assuming they have those, anytime soon.

Meteorologists conclude the simple explanation for the saucer-like halo hovering above Moscow city is purely an optical illusion created by intrusive artic air. So instead of gamma ray weaponry or suspicions over Russian weather modification technology, the soviet district should be expecting light to heavy showers and maybe a few false extraterrestrial alarms.

Whether environmentalists clamber down from their trees to protest industrial emission or the smog effect, I am quite content to say that world peace is secure for now. Alas, our green Martian friends must continue their journey to the motherland, their strategizing over world domination circumvented by a somewhat anti-climax of cloud formation.

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