Friday, October 30, 2009

Im not crazy i just do journalism

Worn a dress? , yes. Walked backwards for a long time? , yes. Taken a vow of silence?, yes. What can I do that I have never done before. That question I have been pondering for a good week, until two days ago when my answer came quite accidentally. I was walking to a lecture and I was not even 5metres outside my res when someone told me my shirt was inside out, feeling like a fool I turned it around. Worn my clothes inside out? , not yet. So I set off to lunch, jeans, t-shirt, hoody inside out .If I could id also have my shoes inside out.

Ever been on a train and you see that sad looking hobo man walking up and down the train mumbling and singing to himself. The look you give him can be described as a “wow you’re crazy” look. Well I am now all too familiar with that look. Most people just looked at me like I was that crazy guy on the train. Others actually asked me why on earth I was wearing all my clothes inside out at lunch. A very simple “it’s for a journ assignment” got more than a sufficient response from people. Some commented on how if that’s what we do for journ how can it be a university degree and others were generally just entertained. The worst part about the whole experience wasn’t the people who came up to me and spoke to me (to criticize or not) but the people who didn’t. The ones who would sit across the dining hall and stare and whisper to themselves. They were giving me that “wow you’re look”.
I learned two things from this experiment, firstly I shall never wear my clothes inside out again (but am fully prepared to do other stupid things) and secondly I will never give the crazy man on the train that look again. I know how he feels, so next time u see someone you think is crazy, think twice they may be journalism student, or a psychopath.

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